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What, Why, and How to Support Us


Tech news! News about the latest products, gadgets, and services. But not just any news. It's got to be #mewant worthy. That means, you'll always know why we either recommend or give a call out to something. If you're not satisifed, we're not doing our jobs. Make noise here.


We're just a couple of geeks who really like tech news. So we built this website. Well, it's really more of a platform, but we can talk more about that later. We built this website so that we could have a place to share what we're reading, finding interesting at the moment, or just something funny. Nothing serious.


We're doing this because we love tech news and building things. Two birds with one stone kinda thing. But we do need to eat. That's why we've got buttons that link to Amazon.com. If you like the work that we do and want to support us, then by all means, please click on one of those big buttons on each post that will take you to Amazon.com or one of our other affiliates.

(not a real button)


How does it work? When you click on one of our Amazon.com (or other affiliate) links, you'll be taken to that affiliate's website. Once you're there, you'll have a cookie placed on your device for 24 hours. During that time if you buy anything (not just what we recommend) from that affiliate (like toilet paper), we'll ge a small commission. That's it. Simple.

Happy reading!

-- the #mewant team